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Handmade in Zambia, these robust handwoven plates are extremely versatile. They are made from the roots of the Makenge bush, which are not damaged during harvesting as they easily regenerate new roots from where the roots were cut. This makes it a sustainable source of raw materials. Available with patterns in a rust or charcoal colour, or both, the patterns are usually in rings. No two baskets are the same and the pictures are merely for reference.

Makenge Plates

PriceFrom AED240.00
  • As items are handmade, measurements may vary slightly. The Makenge plates come in 2 sizes

  • By purchasing this product you accept that all items are handmade so measurements, patterns and colours may vary. Product imperfections may also be present. While endeavours will be made to pick the pattern closest to the item in the image, each pattern is unique and closest pattern in stock will be selected.

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